Become a Sponsor

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility by partnering with the only interactive safety and life skills centre on the island of Ireland. This rare and inimitable opportunity provides you with the chance to support a cause that is important to your key stakeholders; customers, consumers, investors, employees, the local community and the media. Partnering with RADAR will enable you to send a powerful message to your customers that sustainable development, including the health and welfare of society matters to you.


This social license can enhance your brand reputation and employee engagement.  Performance on social responsibility can influence, among other things: 

  • your competitive advantage
  • your reputation
  • your ability to attract and retain employees, customers, clients or users,
  • your employees morale, commitment and productivity.
  • the views of investors, donors, sponsors and the financial community; and
  • your relationship with companies, government, the media, suppliers, peers, customers and the community in which you operate.

In this era of ethical consumerism can you afford not to talk to the RADAR team about the opportunities available to your business?  We have a variety of sponsorship tiers that will suit small, medium and large businesses. If you would like to secure this opportunity for your business please talk to us before we finalise out sponsors list. To discuss this opportunity in more detail please contact us on 028 90 259844 or by emailing [email protected].