Young Drivers Tour

The Young Drivers Tour is a hard hitting experience, designed to make drivers realise the massive responsibility they have when driving and the impact their choices behind the wheel can have on others.

Focusing on how to keep young people safe whilst on our roads, the Young Driver tour explores and addresses the consequences of poor driving decisions in a powerful and highly interactive way.  Having explored the freedom that driving brings, young people will then experience the dangers of distraction driving in our state of the art car simulator. 

Young people meet with Barry, a victim of an RTC who has been left with serious and life changing disablities.  Barry tells about how his life has been effected by his crash, from both a medical and personal perspective.  The young drivers then briefly experience how a disability impacts on everyday life.

In the legal consequences workshop the students will hear from both police and a number of young offenders currently serving prison sentences at Hydebank for road traffic offences.  During this workshop we explore poor driving decisions and how those decision have changed lives irrevocably. 

The students will also experience the practical first aid that can be delivered at the scene of a collision.  Finally using our “beer goggles” the students will experience the effects of alcohol in a highly memorable and interactive setting.