Age 14-16

Young people aged between 14 and 16 have the opportunity to explore significant risks that face them on a daily basis.  Each tour is divided into interactive workshops where young people are led through everyday choices.  Our trained Navigators will facilitate discussions and activities that explore consequences to help young people make better informed choices.   Each tour lasts for 2 hours and contains at least three workshops. 

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs can have a profound impact on young peoples’ lives. The consequences of alcohol and drug use will be highlighted and the effects of peer pressure interactively explored. This tour will include a practical first aid workshop.

Diverse Communities

With the aim of celebrating diversity and recognising everyone as unique individuals, we will examine stereotypes and discuss the meaning and implication of prejudice whilst delving into key issues such as homophobia, disability and racism.

 Money and Financial Awareness

‘Money makes the world go round.’ With this in mind, this tour will help young people to become money wise. Along with an introduction to banking, a hands-on experience of budgeting will highlight the complexities of money management and provide a good financial awareness.




Mental Health

Things happen in our lives that affect us in four ways - our thinking, our behaviour, our feelings and physically. Through interactive activities and reflection we will discuss the effects of stress and anxiety and the importance of developing positive coping mechanisms.


Is the internet shaping our young people? Are they truly a digital generation? Considering the impact online behaviour can have on safety, well-being and employability, this tour will address how to take control of your online use making the online world a safer place.