RADAR Launches Back to School Safety Campaign

RADAR Launches Back to School Safety Campaign

6 Sep 2017

September means ‘back to school’ and inevitably a return to the school run and busier roads. RADAR, is taking the opportunity to launch a road safety campaign to highlight potential dangers on the road and crucially educating drivers on the importance of safe driving.

Statistics from the PSNI show that September was the worst month of 2016 for fatal and serious collisions in Northern Ireland. The Detailed Trends Report 2016, published at the end of June* also showed that: 

  • There were 6,225 injury collisions recorded by the Police Service of Northern Ireland - the highest number observed since 2009 which continuing the upward trend from previous years.
  • Children (under the age of 16) and young people (aged 16 to 24) killed or seriously injured were at their highest level since 2012 and 2010 respectively. 
  • The most common cause for deaths or serious injury were ‘inattention or attention diverted; ‘excessive speed having regard to conditions’ and ‘wrong course/position’.

Campaign ambassador Pete Snodden said: "I am proud to support the RADAR road safety awareness campaign. As the father of two young children I am well aware of dangers on and around our roads.

"Just a few simple steps can ensure both drivers and pedestrians can be safer and that means slowing down and being aware of stopping distances – the faster the car the longer it will take to stop; drivers and all car passengers should wear appropriate restraints. Drivers don’t be distracted, all drivers should put their mobile phones beyond use. When crossing the road, pedestrians need to remember to look right, look left and look right again and finally, if you’re using a bus – get on or off only when it has stopped to allow you to do so." 

Sandra Leo, RADAR Centre Manager Belfast said: "September is a month of firsts for many people, whether that’s embarking on the school run for the first time, perhaps young drivers driving to school for the first time, taking the bus, walking to school and so on.

"This campaign is a timely reminder that by taking some simply but crucially important steps everyone on or around our roads will be safer."

RADAR is fully equipped to help children and young people navigate their way safely through life’s challenges which includes being safe on and around roads. For more information on our Road Safety workshop and other key stage 2 workshops click here

* PSNI Police Recorded Injury Road Traffic Collisions and Casualties Northern Ireland Detailed Trends Report 2016 Annual Bulletin Published June 30th 2017

Posted by: Sonya