Road Safety Week 2016

Road Safety Week 2016

23 Nov 2016

This week marks National Road Safety week and we’re urging everyone to sign the Brake Pledge, committing to make our roads a safer place. Road crashes are the biggest non-medical cause of death among children and the biggest killer overall among young people. Every day 5 people die on UK roads. Statistics like this remind us how unsafe our roads can be but if we all drive and behave responsibly then these numbers will dramatically reduce.


Slow and Secure

Speed is a critical factor in all road crashes – the faster the car, the less time there is to stop. In a crash at 30mph, a back-seat passenger is thrown forward with a force of 3.5 tons - this is enough to kill the person in front! It is crucial that every passenger wears their seatbelt; you are 50% more likely to die in a crash if you don’t! At RADAR we run road safety workshops for key stage 2 children. Young people learn about the new PUFFIN crossings, how they operate and stopping distances of motor vehicles but a big emphasis is put on the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Silent and Sharp

Drivers talking on their phones are 4 times more likely to crash and 23 times more likely to crash when texting. Even after the call has ended, their crash risk remains higher than normal for up to 10 minutes, but texting isn’t the only danger to the roads. The estimated annual cost of poor driver vision is 2900 casualties, £33 million! RADAR’s young driver tour allows students to experience the dangers of distracted driving or poor visibility in our state of the art car simulator.

Sober and Sustainable

13% of all road deaths in Great Britain involve a driver who is over the drink-drive limit. RADAR’s key stage 4 Alcohol and Drugs tour and Young Drivers’ tour are designed to make young people and young drivers think of their personal responsibility on the road and the consequences of poor driving decisions in a powerful and highly interactive way. Young people meet with Barry, a victim of a Road Traffic Collision who has been left with serious and life changing disabilities. Barry tells about how his life has been affected by his crash, from both a medical and personal perspective.


We hope that anyone who reads this will sign the pledge and help make our roads safer. To sign up to the Brake Pledge click here.


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