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Walk to School Week NI 15th-19th May 2017

Walk to School Week NI 15th-19th May 2017

17 May 2017

RADAR are celebrating Walk to School Week on 15th – 19th May. Walking is a great low-impact exercise, ideal for all ages, regardless of fitness level. Walking regularly has so many benefits such as higher energy levels, reduced stress levels and an improved feeling of well being.

Walk to School week aims to build good walking habits. “It encourages children to consider the significant contribution they can make to their health and their environment by choosing to travel by a method other than a car”

Walking to School is a healthy way to travel, both physically and mentally. It gives you the opportunity to meet up with others along the way and to have a chat. By walking instead of taking the car, not only are you exploring the local environment but you are also helping to save it! While walking to school has so many advantages, it is important that it is done safely!

At RADAR, we specialise in teaching Road Safety to young people. We cover everything from the crossing the road safely to vehicle stopping distances. Our interactive centre lets young people experience real risks in a safe environment, please click here for more information.

Posted by: Janine