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Exam Stress - Mental Health Awareness Week

Exam Stress - Mental Health Awareness Week

16 May 2016

As we are in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Week and the week falls right in the middle of exam season, it’s only fitting at RADAR that the conversation has turned to exam stress and its negative effects. You may feel that in the lead up to your exams stressing out is the natural response and a necessary evil to motivate you to work harder. But research carried out by the NSPCC have found that school pressures and mental health concerns in young people are “closely linked with young people not wanting to disappoint their parents, confessing fear of failure and finding it hard to tackle the pressures linked to academic achievement”.

If a person feels stressed for a long period of time it can be harmful. They can lose sleep and can develop more serious problems with anxiety and depression. The daily pressures of home and school life combined can also lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

On May 11th ChildLine launched a video aimed at helping children and young people deal with exam stress. Watch it here!

More of these videos will be available on their YouTube channel as part of their series dedicated to exam stress.

For any parents reading, the onus isn’t just on our young people. Read up on ChildLine’s tips for parents, so you’ll know how to spot the signs of stress in your child, and know how best to support them.

At RADAR, we are passionate about young people and their mental health. Our partners (NSPCC and Aware NI) are working hard to fight the stigma around mental health issues making it easier for young people to speak up about what they’re struggling with and get the support and help where they need it. With the help of our partners we have developed a tour covering the topic of mental health awareness.  Further information on this can be found in the Education section of our website.

Posted by: Beulah