Results Day: The Good, The Bad, and The Panicky

Results Day: The Good, The Bad, and The Panicky

18 Aug 2016

Results day is always stressful. Freaking out is normal. With over 600,000 teens applying for university last year it’s safe to say you’re definitely not alone in this process. Whether you got exactly what you wanted from your results or not we’re here to support you.

A-levels are hard work so it’s safe to say you’re glad they’re over; first of all congratulations for completing them. Did anyone give you a pat on the back for that yet? If not, consider this recognition of the fact you made it out the other end. You are awesome. If you got the grades you were after, further congratulations are in order: CONGRATS! Number one on your to-do list after sorting out UCAS and confirming university places is to celebrate. A big party with friends seems apt. However, a bit of caution is needed when partying. At 17, you’re still under the legal drinking age. Even if you are 18, too much alcohol can ruin a night of celebration. The last thing you want is to sully your good news with a drunken fight, lost phone/purse/wallet or even worse, an accident to land you or your friends in A&E. DrinkAware has some guidelines for staying within the safe boundary when it comes to drinking. (


So you didn't get the grades you wanted. All is not lost. It doesn't mean you won't get onto your preferred course but it is possible that you will take a different route to it. George Turnbull, from The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation or Ofqual (so you know he’s legit) has some tips for how to deal with results day:


  • Go to your school. That way you can talk to your teachers about your grades, getting remarks, and getting general support. They are there to help you, avail of that opportunity.


  • If you have applied for university through UCAS, be prepared to move quickly. Have your tracking number and all the other details ready. You may get a place on your dream course or your insurance course. However, if you’re not accepted immediately, there is still clearing. Visit UCAS' offers advice HERE


  • Clearing puts you in the market for available courses at other universities. Timing is key with this one. Get your results in early so you can get a head start in the hunt for places. Don't get your mum to call the university though - they want to hear from you!


  • Keep looking forward. You can resit next summer, and students generally do better on the resits. You could get your paper remarked. You don't even need to go straight into university. Taking the year out is always a possibility. There is great voluntary work to be done, a paid job, or the ever-popular gap year. There is even the possibility of an apprenticeship, or BTECs, which are work related qualifications.


  • If you are starting to panic or freak out, talk to someone. Don't bottle it up. There is the Exam Results Helpline, which gives free and independent advice - 0800 100 8000. Or talk to someone you trust, either a teacher or a parent.


No matter how you fared today, don’t panic and take time to think carefully about all your options. Remember whether you’re happy or not with your results, you are not your grades!

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