Stress Awareness Month - April 2016

Stress Awareness Month - April 2016

1 Apr 2016

It is important to address stress and get it under control. Stress Awareness month helps to raise awareness of the real health problems stress can cause. Stress Awareness month helps to raise awareness of the real health problems stress can cause.

This month is a time to deal with your stress, learn how to cope with it and make yourself feel better.

Everyone will experience stress at some point in their lives, even if only for a brief moment. It is not uncommon to feel fed up, sad or unhappy.

If you feel that stress is all too much for you to handle, it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Being able to ask for help is a sign of strength and it takes a strong person to recognise that you are having these feelings and are unable to cope.

A little bit of stress is a good thing and can help you knuckle down and work hard. But for young people especially, exams can make stress levels get out of control and this can often prevent you performing at your best.  

Here are some ways to manage exam stress:

  • Learn to recognize when you are stressing out
  • Take a break from studying
  • Go for a walk
  • Chat to someone
  • Avoid comparing your abilities with your friends
  • Don’t discuss with your friends what you wrote in an exam paper ‘Exam Post-Mortem’ it doesn’t matter what anyone else wrote for question 6c
  • Everyone revises in different ways (there is no ‘better’ form of revision) Eat right and provide your brain with fuel
  • Eat fruit and vegetables Eat breakfast (it helps the brain to function)
  • Sleep well when you got to bed
  • Don’t revise under the duvet, your bed is not a desk
  • Plan your study time
  • Too much material + too little time = anxiety
  • Take regular breaks Control your breathing
  • Take deep breaths in and out through the (counting 5 each way)
  • Exercise Go for a walk/run
  • Go to the gym
  • Go to yoga classes
  • Nothing de-stresses the mind faster than physical activity
  • Avoid bad things
  • Give coffee and stimulants a miss T

These things do not just apply to those studying for exams. Adults can also stress over things such as work/marriage/money etc.

Try the tips above, you will be surprised how well they work!! Head over to our facebook and twitter and let us know how you beat the stress!

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