Bringing in Halloween with a BANG!

27 Oct 2016

We’ve been bigging up the Halloween vibes on our social media this past week or so because who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up weird and eat sweets you didn’t pay for? Unfortunately, in Northern Ireland, Halloween has proven to get the best of us at times. Last Halloween alone, six young people under the age of five were among the 15 people injured by fireworks as reported by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. Only two of the injured were over the age of 18. The majority of injuries happened at family or private parties and four were caused by sparklers.

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National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016

12 Oct 2016

National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016 is underway and at RADAR we are marking this event with the launch of our brand new Diverse Communities educational tour. Hate Crime is extremely prevalent right now with latest figures showing that eight Hate Crimes are reported every day in Northern Ireland. This is any crime that the victim or any other person perceives to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards any aspect of a person’s identity. It may sound a bit complicated but really it just means targeting someone because of disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. With Hate Crime becoming a growing problem, the law is evolving in response and the courts can, and do, give stronger prison sentences to anyone convicted of this type of crime.

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Good Bike Gear: Be Smart about Cycling

10 Oct 2016

Guest blog from Anthony Boyd, Marketing and E-Commerce Executive of - a local bike company based in Mallusk:

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