RADAR… the journey so far.

RADAR…. the Centre

We knew we wanted to bring safety and life skills education crashing into the 21st century!  So we started with the idea of interactive learning, which was really brought to life when we built RADAR. 

Located in Sydenham Industrial Estate in Belfast we have an amazing purpose designed “indoor village”.  

Starting with a shell in 2014 we created a Centre that needs to be seen to be believed! 

 To see how we made the transformation check out this video.

RADAR…. the partnership

In our early days we were focused on road and fire safety with PSNI, NIFRS and DOE.  But very quickly we became aware of the variety of risks faced by people every day.  As our list of risks increased, so did our partners.  Today we are very proud of an active and effective partnership, spanning more than 50 organisations and individuals.  We have partners from the public, private and community/voluntary sectors.

RADAR…. why prevention is better than cure?

At RADAR we believe that the best preventative tool we have is education.  But it’s not only the best, it’s also the cheapest!  In the recent “Backing The Future: Why investing in children is good for us all” report the New Economics Foundation identified that a “business as usual” approach to addressing social issues had a £4 trillion price tag over 20 years because the UK simply does not invest enough in prevention.

When we consider that the projected social return on investment (SROI) for a centre such as RADAR is estimated to be £4.60 for every £1 invested.  This means that for every pound invested in RADAR, society sees benefits four times that amount.  Our centre has costs £1.8m, so just imagine the impact we will have on our society, and in our communities.

RADAR….. the future

Our doors finally opened in January 2016 and we run two interactive tours daily. Please get in contact to arrange a booking and see the revolutionary world of RADAR for yourself!