How to get to RADAR....


If approaching from Sainsbury’s/B&Q direction:


Continue onto Airport Road West. Once past the security hut with a speed bump, the road will eventually take a bend to the left. On your right, you will see a car park and on your left, Clare House. Past Clare House is a dark orange brick building called Convergys.

Continue on and once round the curve of the road and put your left indicator on, ready to turn left into Heron Road. Directly opposite the left turn into Heron Road, you see will a bus stop, and 2 post boxes.

Once you are on Heron Road, RADAR is the 3rd turn on the left. Drive right to the end of the court but you should see the blue RADAR flags once you have made this turn.


If approaching from Airport Road, Bombardier direction:


Follow Airport Road straight on as it eventually becomes Airport Road West. On the left side, you will see Window on Wildlife. Keep driving straight on. Just past the turn for Heron View (on your right) you will see Enterprise House. You will then see a traffic island and on the left side of the road is a bus stop, with 2 post boxes. Get ready to turn right (filter lane) into Heron Road once you see the purple and white sign for “Heart Sine”. RADAR is the 3rd left turn once you are on Heron Road.